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20+ Air Fryer Frozen Food Recipes

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Frozen food always has a reputation for being lackluster. Turns out, you just needed to cook it the right way. I’ve put together a list of the best air fryer frozen recipes that will blow your socks off.

They’re crispy, fresh-tasting, and just the most delicious frozen food you have ever eaten.

Frozen Air Fryer Food collage (dumplings on top, hot pockets on bottom left, and mozzarella sticks on bottom right)

Most of these air fryer frozen recipes require no oil or very little amounts. It’s amazing how crispy fried food can get without oil.

These recipes include solely frozen foods that heat up amazingly well in the air fryer along with some recipe ideas that start from using one frozen food and end up as something even greater.

Sit down, take some notes, and then head to the grocery store to make your favorites!

Note: These foods are highly addictive, so be prepared to be amazed at how delicious frozen food really can be.

I personally use the Cosori 5.8QT Air Fryer to cook these recipes. The square basket allows more room to cook more at once. It’s perfect for my family of four!

Title and Shown: 17 delicious frozen air fryer recipes (with collage of recipes shown in background)

Air Fryer Frozen Food Recipes

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