closeup of air fryer steak bites

Air Fryer Steak Bites

Air fryer steak bites are filled with garlic and butter for an easy flavorful dinner for the entire family!

cooked bats in air fryer basket

Air Fryer Brats

How to make a tender and juicy air fryer brats recipe. It tastes better than the grill and you’ll never make them another way!

bacon wrapped hot dog with condiments

Easy Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Bacon wrapped hot dogs have never tasted so crispy and savory! Plus, learn how to get the bacon to stick to the hot dog!

Air Fryer Pork Loin sliced on a plate with parsley and lemons

Air Fryer Pork Loin

Air fryer pork loin is the easiest way to make tender, juicy pork. Simply season, then let the air fryer do the rest!

Air fried chimichanga served with sour cream and chunks of tomato and avocado.

Air Fryer Chimichangas

Make the crispiest shells ever with these easy air fryer chimichangas! Use a simple trick that requires little oil. Makes all the difference!

Close up of slices of spam in an air fryer.

Air Fryer Spam

Air fryer spam turns a simple can of spam into a culinary delight the whole family will love! One easy trick ensures each slice is irresistibly crispy.

Air fried lobster tails lined up on a platter with garnish.

Air Fryer Lobster Tails

Treat yourself to a seafood feast with easy air fryer lobster tails, ready in under 15 minutes! Served with garlic lemon butter.

Broken up, browned beef in air fryer basket.

Air Fryer Ground Beef

Easily make everyday meals with quick and juicy air fryer ground beef cooked to flavorful perfection in minutes! Great for tacos and pasta.

Crispy air fried BBQ spare rib recipe.

Air Fryer Spare Ribs

This easy recipe will show you how to cook tender, juicy, flavorful air fryer spare ribs. Perfect for weeknight dinners and backyard BBQs!

cooked air fryer chicken bites

Air Fryer Chicken Bites

Delicious and easy-to-make air fryer chicken bites are great as an appetizer or full meal. This recipe is ready in 30 minutes or less!


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