air fryer basket with cooked shrimp

Air Fryer Coconut Shrimp

Easy air fryer coconut shrimp are super crispy on the outside, juicy and succulent on the inside, and full of irresistible flavor! Ready in under 30 minutes.

cooked meatballs in air fryer

Air Fryer Turkey Meatballs

These air fryer turkey meatballs make a delicious, healthy, high-protein meal that still delivers big on taste. Serve over pasta, in a hoagie, or all on their own!

chopsticks picking up bang bang shrimp

Air Fryer Bang Bang Shrimp

Who needs to go out to eat when you can make irresistible air fryer bang bang shrimp right at home? It’s an incredible, craveworthy combo!

closeup of teriyaki chicken

Air Fryer Teriyaki Chicken

You’ll love how easy it is to make air fryer teriyaki chicken! The sauce and chicken come together for a dish that’s better than takeout.

air fried chicken legs

Air Fryer Chicken Legs

Air fryer chicken legs have the perfect combination of savory spices and a bit of brown sugar to create the ultimate blend of flavors!

overhead view of air fryer ham

Air Fryer Ham

This homemade air fryer ham with a pineapple glaze is super juicy, full of flavor, and perfect for any occasion! Ready in about 1 hour with minimal hands-on prep.

air fried stuffed peppers

Air Fryer Stuffed Peppers

Delicious air fryer stuffed peppers with ground beef and rice come together in just a few simple steps! Ready in under 40 minutes for an easy weeknight meal.

falafel with a bite out

Air Fryer Falafel

This homemade air fryer falafel turns out golden-crispy and comes together in just a few straight-forward steps for a side or main course!

ready to serve air fryer chuck roast on platter

Air Fryer Chuck Roast

Your whole family will go crazy for the rich, beefy flavor of this air fryer chuck roast. This tender, flavorful dish is ready in 1 hour!

grilled chicken breast sliced and ready to eat

Air Fryer Grilled Chicken

This air fryer grilled chicken recipe gives you all the taste you’re craving in just 15 minutes! It’s juicy and seasoned perfectly!


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