air fryer pineapple

Air Fryer Pineapple

This air fryer pineapple recipe uses a brown sugar and butter mixture to caramelize each ring for an irresistible dessert. Ready in minutes!

air fryer peanut butter cookies on a white plate

Air Fryer Peanut Butter Cookies

You won’t believe how easy it is to make air fryer peanut butter cookies in 20 minutes with just 7 ingredients! Great for dessert lovers.

air fryer churros stacked on top of each other with dipping sauce

Air Fryer Churros

Discover the simple joy of homemade air fryer churros! They’re crispy and dusted with cinnamon sugar. Ready in under an hour!

stacked air fried brownies with chocolate chips

Air Fryer Brownies

You won’t believe how easy it is to make air fryer brownies from scratch! This no-fuss recipe gives you a gooey dessert in just 35 minutes.

Air Fryer Banana Bread

Fast-track your way to deliciousness with this easy air fryer banana bread! Each slice turns out incredibly moist, and the whole thing is ready in under 45 minutes.

An individual serving of peach cobbler in a small white dessert dish.

Air Fryer Peach Cobbler

Indulge in the irresistible flavors of air fryer peach cobbler! Sweet, juicy peaches topped with a golden bisquick crust is a super easy recipe that’s ready in just 20 minutes.

Spoon scooping a bite of prepared air fryer apple crisp in a white baking dish.

Air Fryer Apple Crisp

Get ready for a delectable dessert that’s ready in just 30 minutes! This air fryer apple crisp for two is a must-try with delicious roasted apples and a crispy streusel topping.

Overhead view of chocolate chip cookies prepared in an air fryer on an off white plate.

Air Fryer Cookies

Air Fryer Cookies are the fastest dessert you can make! Make these gooey, chocolatey cookies in the air fryer in less than 20 minutes!

Air Fryer Apple Slices being dipped in caramel sauce on a white plate

Air Fryer Apple Slices

Air fryer apple slices are coated in graham crackers crumbs and cinnamon for a delicious snack and dessert.

Collage of Air Fryer Indian Recipes (banana chips on bottom left, naan on bottom right, and kabobs on top)

22 Best Air Fryer Indian Recipes

The best list of Indian air fryer recipes straight from Indian bloggers. Includes traditional Indian breakfast, snacks, dinner, and more.

fried apples with ice cream

Air Fryer Baked Apples

These air fryer baked apples are filled with a mixture of oats, raisins, pecans, brown sugar, and melted butter for a decadent fall treat!


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