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Air Fryer Super Bowl Recipes

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40+ Delicious and Easy Air Fryer Super Bowl Recipes – Everyone loves finger foods on game day, but it can be difficult to put a party menu together.

Collage of included recipes (buffalo chicken wings on top left, nachos on bottom left, and air fried ravioli on right)

What foods should you serve? Should it be gourmet? Should it be made ahead? It can take a lot of thought to hold a football party.

So why not put your air fryer to the test with these easy football food recipes?

You can cook everything from crispy chicken wings to appetizers to healthy dessert recipes.

The bonus? You can still make things keto, gluten-free, vegetarian, and even vegan!

I personally enjoy making all of these air fryer Super Bowl party food recipes in my Cosori Air Fryer.

It has a square basket, which allows you to cook more food at a time.

It’s perfect for my family of 4 on a daily basis and keeps up with my excessive cooking for the big game!

Here are 40+ tasty air fryer recipes to serve to have the best Super Bowl party around.

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Title and Shown: Air Fryer Football Recipes from appetizers to desserts (with collage of recipes included)

The Best Air Fryer Super Bowl Recipes

A collection of delicious air fryer Super Bowl recipes ranging from chicken wing appetizers, to party dinners, to sweet desserts.

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