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Air Fryer Conversion Chart

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Forget scouring the internet for the best oven to air fryer conversion chart. Adapt one (or many) of your favorite recipes to your air fryer with this helpful conversion chart!

Air Fryer Calculator

Just type in the oven directions for your favorite foods and they will be adjusted to air frying time and temperatures!

Use Celcius? Use our Air Fryer Calculator in Celcius instead here!

I don’t need to tell you about the many benefits of using an air fryer! When I first invested in one, I had so many recipes come to mind that I wanted to test out with it. There are TONS of air fryer specific recipes out there, and I had a ball with this when I was first getting started. 

Picture this: You’ve found an awesome recipe to try out. You’ve searched high and low for the perfect meal, but the recipe calls for a regular oven instead of an air fryer! 

Don’t get discouraged, and definitely don’t toss the recipe out. Many recipes that call for traditional oven cooking can be converted to use with an air fryer. You just need to pull out your handy air fryer conversion calculator!

Here’s what I’m going to teach you in this post: 

  • The best tips for an oven to air fryer conversion and how to put them into practice.
  • How to take a recipe that calls for a regular oven and convert it to use with your air fryer.
  • How to use an air fryer calculator for frozen food.
  • Directions on how to get a free printable air fryer conversion chart.

Don’t let a recipe that calls for baking in an oven hold you back. You can convert most oven recipes and use your air fryer instead.

How to Convert Air Fryer to Oven Directions

STEP ONE: Find your recipe and locate the conventional oven cooking temperature as well as cook time. 

STEP TWO: As a general rule of thumb, reduce the temperature by 25 degrees F and the cooking time by 20%. 

STEP THREE: Keep an eye on your food as it cooks. Remember that you can always add more time and/or increase the cook temp if you find that it’s taking too long!

Get a Free Printable Air Fryer Chart 

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Keep your new printable air fryer cooking chart on hand so that you can try out new recipes whenever you want.

Quick Air Fryer Conversion for Frozen Food

If you’re interested in using your air fryer for frozen food, the same conversion rules apply. The most important thing to note with frozen food is that you must not set your cooking temp too low. 

Remember—to get that crispy air fryer goodness you’re after, the temperature needs to be at least 350 degrees F.

With frozen, you won’t have to go use any oil either! You can read more about oil in the air fryer here.

Tips to Convert Oven to Air Fryer

Here are some general tips to convert oven to air fryer temps and times:

  • Preheat your air fryer for maximum crispiness and even cooking. 
  • Add oil when needed for certain raw foods. 
  • Avoid stacking food when you can. Use only a single layer of food to get crispy results.
  • Use our recipe search feature to find your favorites and follow our easy directions instead!

Does an Air Fryer Cook Quicker Than an Oven? 

Yes, an air fryer cooks quicker than a conventional oven. You’ve probably noticed that there is a fan inside your air fryer.

This promotes even cooking, allows air to circulate the food, and helps the heat to transfer much faster than a traditional oven. An air fryer can shorten cook time AND make your food crispier!

How Can You Convert Baking Time to an Air Fryer? 

To convert baking time to an air fryer, reduce the temperature by 25 degrees F and reduce the cooking time by 20%.

These are general rules, so you’ll want to keep an eye on your food (at least the first time you try out a new recipe) to make sure that it’s cooking correctly.

How Do I Convert Deep Frying to Air Fry?

For deep fryer to air fryer conversion, the same rules apply. Similar to a recipe that calls for a conventional oven, lower your air fryer’s temperature by 25 degrees F.

If a recipe calls for deep-fried chicken wings to be cooked at 350 degrees F, set your air fryer to 325 degrees F. 

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7 thoughts on “Air Fryer Conversion Chart”

  1. I like chicken patties from frozen which calls for 410 for 10 min
    Husband wants frozen burger patty which is 350 for 10 to 12
    How could I do them together in my air fryer?

    • Hi Pat, you can! When cooking two foods together, use the lower temperature needed between the two. You’ll need to increase the time because of it, so in this case, put the chicken patty in a few minutes before and then add in the hamburger. Just keep an eye on the temperatures still and pull them out when ready!

        • Hi Gloria, since an oven with an air fryer in it is much larger than an air fryer, I would account for about 90-100% of the normal cooking time instead of the 80% in the chart, though always start checking it at the time given!

  2. Thank you!
    I love the air fryer.
    I have one complaint: no one told me about the sizes of the air fryers. I have to do three sets of four wings rather than all twelve at one time! Had I known there is a rectangular fryer, I might have gotten it. I was fascinated by the various functions and should have been looking at the size.

    • I find that a lot of people buy smaller air fryers at first due to cost reasons and thinking they won’t use it as much as they find they actually do. I see most people upgrade their air fryer to a larger one within a year all the time. Just keep in mind the oven style ones do take longer to preheat and also a few extra minutes to cook.

  3. Thanks for all your tips. They helped me a lot. I am 93 years old and am enjoying learning how to air fry. Things taste SO much better and are SO much better for you.


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