four cooked air fryer pop tarts

Air Fryer Pop Tarts

Forget the toaster and try these air fryer pop tarts instead! The golden pastry with its crispy edges and perfectly-warmed jam is delicious!

several pieces of cooked bacon

Frozen Bacon in the Air Fryer

Did you forget to get that block of bacon out of the freezer before breakfast? Learn how to make frozen bacon in the air fryer in 30 minutes!

air fryer donuts in a stack

Air Fryer Donuts

It’s so easy to make air fryer donuts with Pillsbury grand biscuit dough! Made with glaze icing on top for homemade donuts in just 15 minutes.

Fork lifting slices of several air fryer pancakes

Air Fryer Pancakes

Prepare to fall in love with air fryer pancakes! They are easier than cooking on the stove or a griddle. You don’t even need to flip them!

close up of a fried egg cooked in air fryer

Fried Egg in the Air Fryer

You won’t believe how easy it is to make a fried egg in the air fryer! Enjoy those crispy edges and runny yolk without all the excess oil.

flip hash browns in air fryer halfway to cook evenly on both sides

Hash Browns in the Air Fryer

These hash browns in the air fryer are an ideal breakfast side dish! Enjoy perfectly cooked potatoes with some seasonings.

Slices of air fryer toast with jam on a plate

Toast in the Air Fryer

If you’ve wondered if you can make toast in the air fryer, the answer is yes! Add your favorite toppings for a seriously yummy treat.

Delicious and easy sausage in air fryer

Sausage in the Air Fryer

With air fryer sausage, you’ll have crispy, delicious links ready in less than 15 minutes! Serve with eggs for a balanced breakfast.

Air Fryer Bacon on a white plate

Air Fryer Bacon

The best crispy air fryer bacon in just 8 minutes. Includes tips to cook fatty foods in your air fryer without causing it to smoke.

Collage of air fryer vegan recipes (spicy tofu, cinnamon rolls, and stuffed peppers)

45 Vegan Air Fryer Recipes

A list of the best air fryer vegan recipes on the Internet. Contains everything from breakfast to dinner and desserts!


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