ready to eat chicken wings being dipped in sauce

Ninja Foodi Chicken Wings

These Ninja Foodi chicken wings are perfectly spicy, crispy, and easy to make. Great for an easy appetizer or dinner option!

chicken breast on a platter

Ninja Foodi Chicken Breasts

Juicy Ninja Foodi Chicken Breasts are tender, flavorful, and take minutes to make. This chicken is seasoned perfectly; it is a must try!

overhead view of a bowl of macaroni and cheese

Ninja Foodi Mac and Cheese

Ninja Foodi mac and cheese is the easiest, most delicious way to make this amazing comfort food from scratch!

Sliced BBQ chicken thighs that were cooked in the Ninja Foodi on a white plate

Ninja Foodi Chicken Thighs

Ninja Foodi chicken thighs are tender, juicy, and bursting with flavor! They only take minutes to prep, they’re perfect for busy weeknights.


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as seen on promo graphic