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Strawberry Crunch

This strawberry crunch recipe is simple, easy, and super versatile. I’ll show you how to make strawberry crunch by combining butter with golden Oreos and Jello. It only takes these 3 ingredients and can be completed in under 15 minutes.  

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Strawberry Crunch Topping on vanilla ice cream in an off white bowl.

There is a special place in my heart for all things strawberry! If you have enjoyed my recipes for Strawberry Jam Cookies, Strawberry Banana Cake, or Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies, then you definitely don’t want to miss today’s recipe for strawberry crunch. 

Remember the outside of Good Humor’s Strawberry Shortcake bar? Strawberry crunch, also known as strawberry shortcake crunch, tastes almost exactly the same!

Strawberry crunch topping adds dynamic crunch, a sweet strawberry flavor, as well as a beautiful pink color. These easy-to-make, irresistibly sweet, and crunchy crumbles will transform all of your favorite desserts into vanilla-strawberry-kissed masterpieces. 

How to Make Strawberry Crunch

The ingredients needed to make Strawberry Crunch. Golden Oreos, butter, strawberry gelatin.

STEP ONE: Crush the golden Oreos by putting them in a ziploc bag and rolling over them with a rolling pin. You want a combination of some small chunks and some crumbs. 

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Golden oreos crushed in a ziplock bag.

STEP TWO: Transfer the crushed cookies to a medium bowl. Stirring constantly, slowly adding the melted butter. Dumping all the butter in at once will result in soggy Oreos, so be sure to pour slowly and carefully.

Crushed golden oreos mixed with butter and strawberry gelatin in a white bowl.

STEP THREE: Still stirring constantly, slowly add in the strawberry gelatin. Aim to evenly coat all of the cookie crumbs with strawberry flavor.

Overhead view of Strawberry crunch mix in a white bowl witih oreos and strawberries in the background.

STEP FOUR: Continue to blend the mixture until the Oreos are evenly coated. Enjoy right away or store in an airtight container. 

What is Strawberry Crunch Made Out Of?

Strawberry crunch requires only 3 ingredients and about 15 minutes to make.

It is a simple and sinfully scrumptious combination of crushed golden Oreos, strawberry gelatin, and butter. 

Strawberry Crunch Topping Tips and Variations

Thinking about customizing your strawberry crunch topping? Here are a few tips to keep in mind for success:

  • Cookies: Golden Oreos are the best option for strawberry crunch, but it is possible to branch out a bit. For starters, the Oreo brand is not essential. You can successfully make this recipe with any vanilla sandwich cookies. This is helpful if you want to make a gluten free or lower sugar version of this recipe.

What about using regular Oreos? I have never tried using chocolate sandwich cookies, but technically it would work. Have fun with it and just be prepared for a distinctly different flavor balance. 

  • Butter: Stick with butter or margarine for the richest and most desirable flavor, and remember to add it in slowly and methodically. The butter is essential for getting the gelatin to adhere to the cookies, so don’t be tempted to skip it! 
  • Gelatin: In the market for lemon, lime, or cherry crumbles instead? We’ve got you covered! You can easily swap out the strawberry gelatin in this recipe for the flavor of your choice. Go ahead and whip up some lime crumbles for your next key lime cheesecake or lemon crumbles for your lemon meringue pie

If you would like to make a lower sugar version of this recipe, feel free to use sugar free gelatin in place of regular. Both will work just as well.

Overhead view of strawberry crunch in a white bowl with a spoon. Oreos and strawberries in background.

Uses for Strawberry Shortcake Crunch

This strawberry crunch recipe is tempting enough to eat all by itself and it is also delightfully versatile. These crumbles transform just about everything they touch into a heavenly treat. Here are only a few mouthwatering suggestions to get you started:

  • Try some as a topper for this Strawberry Shortcake Crumble.
  • Make this Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake and let strawberry crunch elevate your cheesecake game.
  • Toss some on top of your next ice cream sundae.
  • Use strawberry crunch as a tasty decoration for any frosted cookies, cakes, or pies.
  • Mix some into your next yogurt or pudding parfait. 
  • Add some to a bagel with cream cheese. 
  • Add a handful to a bowl of granola, oatmeal, or cream of wheat.
  • Make your own strawberry shortcake ice cream bars or ice cream sandwiches. 

How to Store Strawberry Crumble Topping

Immediately after preparing, store your strawberry crumble topping in an airtight container and enjoy it within the first 3 days for maximum freshness. But wait! Hold on to those leftovers too!

When stored in an airtight container, your strawberry crunch will keep safely for 2-3 months in your pantry.

You can also stash it in the refrigerator or freezer safely for 4-6 months. 

This recipe never lasts that long around my gang but, hey, it is possible! 

Strawberry Crunch Topping on vanilla ice cream in an off white bowl.

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Overhead view of strawberry crunch in a white bowl with a spoon. Oreos and strawberries in background.

Strawberry Crunch

Samantha Erb
This strawberry crunch topping is the perfect garnish when you want a sweet strawberry flavor with a crisp crunchy bite. It’s perfect on top of ice cream, with yogurt, or on a Strawberry Shortcake Crumble or Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake!
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Desserts
Cuisine American
Servings 2 Cups
Calories 193 kcal


  • 20 golden oreos
  • 4 tablespoons butter melted
  • 1 box 3 ounces strawberry gelatin


  • Place the golden oreos in a large ziploc bag and crush them using a rolling pin– there should be some crumbs and some small chunks. 
  • Transfer the oreos to a medium bowl and slowly add the melted butter, stirring constantly. Don’t add the butter all at once or it will soak into some of the oreo pieces and make them soggy! 
  • Next slowly add the strawberry gelatin, stirring constantly. We want to evenly coat all of the oreo pieces with strawberry flavor. 
  • Continue stirring until the oreos are evenly coated.


Enjoy the crunch topping immediately or store it in an airtight container at room temperature for up to three days.


Serving: 2tablespoonsCalories: 193kcalCarbohydrates: 21gProtein: 2gFat: 12gSaturated Fat: 5gPolyunsaturated Fat: 6gCholesterol: 15mgSodium: 164mgFiber: 1gSugar: 12g
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