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Instant Pot Strawberry Applesauce

With spring around the corner, I am already in strawberry mode. It’s my favorite fruit and I just don’t get sick of it. That’s why I had to add it to applesauce to create this Instant Pot Strawberry Applesauce recipe.

We have a big strawberry garden in our backyard, so we have a surplus around June. That’s when we must get creative with everything strawberries.

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Strawberries in Instant Pot applesauce

If you don’t have a garden, I highly recommend finding a local U-Pick strawberry field to buy strawberries in bulk for cheap.

Don’t have one close to you? No worries. This delicious recipe only requires one 16-ounce package of strawberries. That’s the normal size package of strawberries at your local grocery store.

We’ve bought them as cheap as $1.29 per container at ALDI’s recently.

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I first found the idea of this applesauce when I first had Mott’s strawberry applesauce from the store. It’s delicious, but incredibly expensive when sold only in the small single servings.

I needed something a lot cheaper, healthier, and fresh tasting to solve my cravings.

NOTE: This strawberry applesauce recipe is intended for the 6-quart Instant Pot or larger. If you have a smaller one, you will need to half the recipe and follow safety guidelines when filling it up and using it.

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Strawberries and Apples

How to Make Instant Pot Strawberry Applesauce

Add the chopped apples, strawberries, and water to the Instant Pot making sure not to pass the ½ fill point.

Strawberries and Apples in Instant Pot

I like to use an apple corer/slicer to easily slice the apples after peeling them. This 12-piece apple slicer is perfect for slicing the apple to just the right size.

Place the Instant Pot on high pressure, or manual mode, for 5 minutes then let the Instant Pot release naturally to 10 minutes. You do not need to press anything for the pot to start releasing manually.

Instant Pot on high pressure cooking for 5 minutes

Once 10 minutes have passed, carefully quick release the Instant Pot using the vent.

For safety reasons, always use a potholder or oven mitt when quick releasing your Instant Pot.

I recommend one that goes up your arm like this rubber oven mitt.

If the Instant Pot starts to spray water, stop the quick release by flicking the vent button back up (with oven mitt again) and let it naturally release for another minute before quick releasing again.

Once the pressure has been released, open the top of the Instant Pot and use a potato masher or immersion blender to blend to your desired consistency.

I personally prefer chunky strawberry applesauce, so I use a potato masher to keep chunks of strawberries and apples intact.

The applesauce will look a little soupy at this point. That’s okay because we will be cooking out some of the liquid.

Strawberry Applesauce Closeup

Add in the sugar and mix to combine.

Turn the Instant Pot to Sauté mode and cook for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally until sauce thickens slightly. The sauce will also continue to thicken as it cools, and more liquid is evaporated.

Wait 5-10 minutes for the strawberry applesauce to cool and either enjoy immediately or store in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

Is Strawberry Applesauce Gluten-Free?

This strawberry applesauce is completely gluten-free!

It contains just apples, strawberries, water, and sugar.

Title and Shown: Instant Pot Strawberry Applesauce (in bowls)

The Sauce is Soupy! How Can I Fix It?

When the applesauce is first mashed, it will be extra soupy or very thin. Use the Sauté mode on the Instant Pot to help cook out the liquid in the applesauce.

If it is still too thin for your liking after 5 minutes, continue to cook until you reach your desired consistency, but remember, it will thicken up slightly as it cools.

Strawberry Applesauce with a spoon

Can I Double This Recipe to Make More?

This recipe is intended to fill the 6-quart Instant Pot to its full potential.

Since applesauce foams when being pressure cooked, you should never fill your pot more than halfway.

If you are looking to make more applesauce, I recommend making one batch at a time.

While you cannot double this recipe, you can half this recipe if needed.

Strawberry Applesauce in a bowl on rustic background

Can I Make a Sugar Free Strawberry Applesauce with This Recipe?

Yes! The amount of sugar needed depends solely on the variety of apples you use and how ripe your strawberries are.

I prefer this recipe with 1/8 cup sugar and no sugar added at all when our strawberries are super ripe and sweet.

While there will be sugar from the apples and strawberries, it will be a no sugar added version.

I love to cook with Gala apples as they are sweet by nature and taste incredible in applesauce. You can also use Cortland, Jonamac, and McIntosh.

See this full list of what kinds of apples to use for certain applesauce tastes.

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Strawberry Applesauce in a bowl on rustic background

Instant Pot Strawberry Applesauce

Samantha Erb
Fresh applesauce mixed with strawberries to create a sweet fruity sauce.
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Additional Time 5 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Course Instant Pot
Cuisine American
Servings 8 servings
Calories 101 kcal


  • 6-7 medium-sized apples peeled and roughly chopped
  • 16 ounces fresh strawberries hulled and cut in half
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/8 to 1/4 cups sugar*


  • Add all ingredients into the Instant Pot.
  • Place Instant Pot on high pressure (or manual) for 5 minutes then natural release until all pressure has released.
  • Mash strawberry applesauce with a potato masher or immersion blender until desired consistency.
  • Taste applesauce and add in desired amount of sugar.
  • Turn Instant Pot to Saute and cook for 5 minutes, stirring occassionally until sauce thickens slightly. This will look like a waterier consistency, but it will thicken a little more when cooled.
  • Enjoy immediately or refrigerate for up to 5 days.


*Use very ripe strawberries and gala apples to create a no-sugar added variety.


Serving: 1gCalories: 101kcalCarbohydrates: 26gProtein: 1gSodium: 3mgFiber: 4gSugar: 20g
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