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Best Ninja Foodi Accessories

Your Ninja Foodi is an all-in-one appliance that’ll save you stress, mess, and time in the kitchen. Here are some must-have accessories to make this magic appliance even more convenient!

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Long gone are the days when you need half a dozen appliances cluttering your kitchen counter to make all of the meals that your family loves. Pressure cookers, air fryers, toaster ovens, steamers, dehydrators… a Ninja Foodi is all of those things rolled into one, conveniently sized appliance!

But because it does so many things, there are a number of add-ons and accessories that are best suited to all of those purposes. There could be the perfect accessory out there that does just what you’re looking for. 

There are molds, pans, utensils, and other Ninja Foodi accessories that will make cooking easier than ever! They help to minimize mess, prevent overcrowding while facilitating bulk cooking, preserve the nonstick coating on your pots, and just make your life easier in the long run!

Though it’s an incredibly convenient appliance, not everything about the Ninja Foodi is common sense – it can even be confusing to know exactly how to clean one or how to make something as simple as rice. Hopefully, this list helps to reiterate some of the amazing functions that your Ninja Foodi has, and helps to make you an even savvier home cook than you already are!

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Why Do You Need Ninja Foodi Accessories?

Why do you ever need accessories? To make cooking easier and to make your food taste better! A Ninja Foodi serves so many purposes, so different accessories will help you with these various functions. They will:

  • Assist with steaming meat and vegetables.
  • Help to crisp up food using the air fryer function, and even work like a grill.
  • Make it easy to retrieve food from within the pot without worrying about burning your hands.
  • Serve basic safety functions to keep your skin away from the heat and steam.
  • Provide structure for cakes, snacks, and other meals inside the small pot.

Must-Have Ninja Foodi Accessories

These are my most recommended Ninja Foodi accessories:

Remember: not every one of these Ninja Foodi accessories fits every Nina Foodi model! There are indoor grills, air fryers, and instant cook models that all vary in size and shape. Be sure to check that an accessory is compatible with your specific appliance before purchasing.

Ninja Foodi Cake Baking Pan Set

This is a bit of an all-in-one answer, but that’s because there’s a lot that goes into baking! Think about all the tools you need when you bake in a regular oven: oven mitts, a pan, muffin liners, and so on. This set has all of that covered!

It comes with a bundt, springboard, pizza, and mini-loaf pan set. Additionally, it has a trivet with handles to help you actually pull the pan out of the pressure cooker – and it doubles as an egg steamer (great for hard boiled eggs!). It also includes a silicone mat to act as a heat-resistant pot holder. Finally, it includes silicone oven mitts to help you handle the food.

It is possible to buy all of these accessories individually, but it’s always nice to bundle them up and save a bit of money.

Note: Make sure you’re purchasing a set that’s compatible with the size Ninja Foodi you have.

Silicone or Wooden Utensils

When using appliances, pots, or pans with nonstick coating, you want to avoid metal utensils that may cause chipping or flaking. 

Get a set of silicone or wooden utensils that are safe to scrape along Ninja Foodi pans and baskets. 

There are pan sets that claim to be safe to use metal utensils on, but I would still recommend playing it safe with these. Plus, they’re easy to clean!

Steamer Basket

A basket with handles will make steaming and retrieving vegetables in your Ninja Foodi extremely easy – even easier than it already was! There is also this model that has different compartments, which may come in handy.

Of all of these Ninja Foodi accessories, I generally recommend using silicone so that it doesn’t rust and can fit more easily in models of different sizes. However, if you’re cooking something particularly pungent like fish or garlic, use a metal basket – it won’t absorb scents the way that silicone sometimes does. 

Regardless of whether you go with silicone or metal, be sure to get one with a handle to keep your fingers safe

Dehydrator Rack

One thing that sets the Ninja Foodi apart from all of these other countertop appliances is its ability to dehydrate foods. Fruits, vegetables, and even meats can be dehydrated to preserve them for an extraordinarily long time.

A dehydrator rack will make this easier. Not only is it easy to clean, but you’re able to dehydrate multiple layers of foods at one time, vastly speeding up the process.

This particular item allows for 5 layers and is compatible with both a 6.5 qt. and 8 qt. Ninja Foodi. 

Lid and Spoon Rest

Like I said earlier on, one of the huge advantages of using this pressure cooker is its ability to minimize mess and clutter in the kitchen. And of all the Ninja Foodi accessories to help out on this front, I highly recommend investing in an attachable lid and spoon rest.

It’s a scenario you face regardless of what you’re preparing: you take the lid off the pot… where do you put it? You stir the contents of the pot… then where do you put the spoon? It’s a constant struggle of clutter and tiny little messes and drips. 

That’s where this attachable lid and spoon rest comes in so handy! Everything stays neatly in one place – no stress, no mess. It’s a real quality-of-life improvement!

Egg Molds

Egg bites are a delicious, easy, and quick breakfast or snack. They’re just one of the simple meals you can make in a pressure cooker.

This accessory makes that so much easier! It comes with a sling to lift the molds out of the pot. This one comes in a two-pack that can be stacked – great for bulk baking!

It’s definitely one of the more versatile Ninja Foodi accessories. You can make brownies, cookie bites, cake bites, and other snacks. So if you’re looking for quick meals, egg molds are a must.

Silicone Inner Pot Cover

As hard as we might try to make sure we have no leftovers, it’s inevitable that everyone once in a while you’ll have enough food left in the bottom of the pot worth saving.

In these situations, I’m so grateful to have a silicone lid that fits the inner pot of my Ninja Foodi exactly! I can secure it right onto the pot and slide it into the fridge, no extra dishes or nonsense. It’s so convenient! If you have multiple pots, I recommend getting a lid for each. You’ll thank yourself later!

Crisper Plate

If you have a Ninja Foodi model that doubles as an air fryer, you also have a model that triples as a grill – with this crisper plate, that is! 

This is the best way to get crispy chicken, fish, you name it. It’s nonstick and dishwasher safe. I find that it’s also great for fries and leftovers that I want to restore some texture to. Even plain frozen foods, like chicken nuggets and popcorn shrimp, taste great when they’re made on this plate!

I wanted to highlight this specified item because it fits in so many different Ninja Foodi models. Check it out and see if it fits yours!

Steam Diverter

Steam is one of the safety concerns that I referenced earlier on. Keeping your eyes, hands, and skin away from the steam is very important to keep yourself from getting burned. 

A steam diverter is an inexpensive and easy way to make sure the steam is safely discharged. It’s one of those very simple yet brilliant Ninja Foodi accessories you’ll be so happy you purchased!

In Summary

The right Ninja Foodi accessories are an investment worth making. They’re great for baking, steaming, frying, dehydrating… everything! You’ll save a few precious minutes with each meal that you can spend at the table with your loved ones. They’ll also make clean up quicker and easier than ever!

Did I miss a must-have accessory for your kitchen? Let me know in the comments!


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