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Can You Put Glass In An Air Fryer?

Not only can you put glass in an air fryer, you can use tempered, oven-safe glass to make your favorite cakes, casseroles, and more! All you need is a little bit of knowledge and the right tools to get started. 

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Broccoli and cheese in a glass dish that was cooked in the air fryer

Air fryers are showing up in kitchens everywhere — and for good reason. These handy devices can deliver quick, perfectly cooked meals in a matter of minutes as long as we know how to use them properly. 

With the sharp increase in air fryer popularity, it isn’t surprising that many of us have lingering questions: 

  • Can you put glass in an air fryer? 
  • When should you or shouldn’t you use glass in the air fryer? 
  • Can you put pyrex glass in an air fryer?

We have put together the answers to these burning questions, plus everything else you need to know about using glass in the air fryer! 

The short answer is yes, you can put glass in an air fryer. However, not all glass is created equal.

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There are some brands and pieces of glass that will not survive in the air fryer. 

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How to Use Glass in an Air Fryer

You can safely and effectively use glass in an air fryer as long as you keep a few guidelines and precautions in mind.

Use oven-safe, tempered glass

Any glass you are using in the air fryer needs to be heat-resistant, tempered, and free of any cracks. Double check the bottom of your cookware for exact temperature ranges. 

Avoid high temperatures

Can you put glass in air fryer at any temperature? No, even oven-safe glass can crack at extremely high temperatures. Pyrex is safe at temperatures up to 425 degrees F but some glass can only withstand around 350 degrees F. Since some air fryers can quickly reach temperatures around 500 degrees F, be sure to check the bottom of your cookware and stay well within the safe ranges. 

Nutrichef glass air fryer
Nutrichef is an actual air fryer made from glass.

Avoid sudden temperature shifts

Sudden shifts in temperature can also cause cracking. Don’t ever put chilled glass directly into a hot environment or vice versa. To prevent this, you can preheat the empty glass dish gradually as you preheat the air fryer. This warms up the glass and also lets you know whether or not your glass will withstand the heat before adding food. 

Don’t block the airflow

The size of your glass cooking vessel matters. Be sure it fits in with ease and allows for the proper flow of air around the food. Otherwise, your air fryer will not be able to work its magic. 

What Kind of Glass Can You Put in an Air Fryer?

Any glass you use in an air fryer should be tempered and oven-safe. 

The best options for air fryer cooking are those glasses made of borosilicate glass, like the well-known brand Pyrex.

This particular type of glass is made in a 1000 degree F oven, making it super durable!

Check the bottom of your cookware for the words “oven-safe” or “pyrex,” or look for a listed range of safe temperatures.

If there is nothing listed, you should assume that the cookware is not intended for high heat. 

Do not use any dishes in the air fryer that are made from soda-lime glass or any other untempered variety. 

Salmon in a cream sauce in a glass baking dish

Pros and Cons of Using Glass in an Air Fryer

Why use glass over other materials, and when can you put glass in the air fryer? Let’s start with the pros:

  • It’s a clever way to use the same cookware we had before the age of air fryers.
  • Glass is safe and non-toxic, even at high heats. 
  • Glass allows you to cook, serve, and store all in one pan. 
  • Glass can help hold dishes like casseroles or cakes together while in the air fryer. 

There are times when using glass isn’t the best idea. A few cons to consider:

  • Using glass in the air fryer has the potential of blocking air flow and preventing proper cooking.  
  • If the circulating air is blocked, crispy foods will come out soggy and unevenly cooked. 
  • A wire rack or basket is a better option for any foods that need to be crispy.

Alternatives to Using Glass in the Air Fryer

Not only can you put glass in air fryer, you also have other cookware options. Here are a few more materials that work wonderfully:

  • Ceramic – Oven-safe ceramic cookware is a great crack-resistant alternative. However, avoid any vessels with glossy finish or scratches on the surface. 
  • Metal – Metal bowls and pans are safe, versatile, cost effective, and totally safe in an air fryer.  The only downside is they are slightly harder to clean. 
  • Silicone – This durable, versatile, easy-to-clean material is quickly gaining popularity and works beautifully in an air fryer.  

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4 thoughts on “Can You Put Glass In An Air Fryer?”

  1. I’m so tempted to buy a silicone basket for my air fryer however I’m so concerned about chemicals. Any advice? I have an instapot air fryer 4 qt. ( should’ve bought a 6) so it’s about 7.5 inches inside. I do love it !

    • I love my silicone liner over the silicone basket because it’s much more versatile. Both the basket and liners are used mainly for clean up, but the basket has more crevices, making it tougher to keep clean.

      I can’t advise on chemicals and safety, but silicone is an FDA-approved food product to use.

  2. Heya, big heads up on Pyrex. Their newer stuff is NOT made of borosilicate glass and is not safe with big temperature changes. Unless you’re absolutely sure you have some that’s borosilicate, it’s best not to chance it.

    • Thanks a bunch for sharing this super helpful info about Pyrex! It’s really awesome that you’re keeping an eye out for all of us in the kitchen. Knowing about the changes in materials and how they can affect cookware safety is such a smart move. Also, being mindful about temperature shifts is definitely a great tip!

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