80 Easy air fryer dinner


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A collection of 80+ of the best air fryer dinner recipes! They’re easy to cook making them a great option for any weeknight meal.

Air fryer whole chicken

A whole chicken is roasted in the air fryer with seasoning & made with just 5 ingredients.

Air fryer skirt steak

The marinade turns this tough cut of beef into a juicy & flavorful air fryer skirt steak! Perfect for busy weeknights.

air fryer fried chicken

A quick and easy lunch recipe that can be eaten cold. It's delicious & full of flavor!

air fryer pork steaks

Air Fryer Pork Steaks are coated in a dry rub and BBQ sauce for full flavor and easy dinner idea.

air fryer pizza pockets

This simple four-ingredient air fryer pizza recipe is fun to make, especially if you have little helpers at home