Instant Pot London Broil

With this easy London Broil recipe, enjoy tender & juicy marinated steak with creamy & flavorful mushroom gravy! 👉

If you’re looking for another way to enjoy steak, this keto-friendly Instant Pot London Broil & gravy recipe is the way to go.


– Beef Broth – Olive Oil – Lemon Juice – Worcestershire Sauce – Balsamic Vinegar – Italian Seasoning – Black Pepper – Salt – Garlic – Top round beef (or top sirloin/flank steak) – Butter – Onion – Cremini Mushrooms – Brown or mushroom gravy mix

Seal the beef in a plastic bag with the marinade. Massage the meat so that it begins to absorb the marinade. Leave in the fridge for at least 2 hrs (overnight is better)!

Step 1

Remove the meat from the bag & set the marinade aside. Heat a bit of olive oil in the Instant Pot on Saute, then sear the beef for 2 mins on each side.

Step 2

Adjust the settings & add the remaining olive oil + butter. Then, cook the onions with mushrooms for the base of your gravy.

Step 3

Adjust the settings again, then pour the reserved marinade into the pot & stir.

Step 4

Place the beef in the liquid, seal & set it to cook. Once the timer is up, release the pressure naturally for 10 mins!

Step 5

Remove the steak & transfer it to a cutting board to rest.

Step 6

Adjust the pressure cooker settings to finish your gravy. Serve & enjoy!

Step 7


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