Easy Instant Pot  Tri Tip

– Tri tip – Beef broth – Olive oil – Minced garlic – Onion – Garlic powder – Onion powder – Paprika – Brown sugar – Crushed red pepper

Combine the ingredients for your steak rub. Sprinkle it on your steak and work it into your meat.

Step 1

Heat your instant pot to saute. Heat olive oil and then brown each side of your tri tip. Remove the tri tip from the instant pot.

Step 2

Saute the onion, then add garlic. Pour beef broth into the pot and stir. Place your trivet into the instant pot and lower your steak

Step 3

Place your instant pot on high pressure and seal the vent. Set the timer for 25 minutes.

Step 4

Release the vent for a quick release of steam. Allow your steak to rest. Slice and serve!

Step 5


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