35 Easy Cold Lunch RECIPES

why you'll love these recipes

These easy cold lunch ideas for adults at work or kids at school that are delicious & pack easily!

5 min buffalo chicken wrap

A quick and simple wrap made with leftover chicken tenders. With just 5 ingredients, this lunch is perfect for work or game day!

easy broccoli salad

This quick & simple broccoli salad recipe is filled with fresh ingredients with a homemade dressing & only takes 15 mins to prepare.

bbq chicken salad

From summer cookouts to easy lunches, this BBQ chicken salad will be your new go-to!

tuna pinwheels

These 5 ingredient tuna pinwheels make the cutest appetizer or lunch!

classic egg salad recipe

This simple egg salad recipe with hard-boiled eggs that peel easily, mayo, relish, mustard & dill, makes a delicious sandwich.